International Clivia Conference 2023

Gala Opening

Gala Opening Function in the Conference Centre (at Milnerton High School, Milnerton, CT) (MHS)

18:00-18:30 Preliminary Registration for Accreditation.
18:30-18:50 Minister Bredell and delegate to visit Show plants.
18:50-19:30 Cheese and wine (with a marimba band).
19:30-19:40 Preparation for introduction of Opening Speaker.
19:30 Minister Anton Bredell opens International Clivia Conference and Cape Clivia Club Show.
•    Welcome by Clivia Society Chairman.
•    Welcome by Chairman of Host Cape Clivia Club.
•    Virtual key-note address by Dr. John Rourke (who formally described C. mirabilis)
20:30+ Smart finger supper.

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