International Clivia Conference 2023


Wild Flower Tour

There is a pre-conference guided coach tour to southern Namaqualand from 27 to 29 September 2023, advertised separately, to see late spring flowers and succulents, led by the well-known Mike Spies, an expert on the ‘West Coast’ and ‘Knersvlakte’ area. His network of contacts will ensure the finding of spring flowers and succulents. Namaqualand Daisies may still be blooming in pockets nearer the coast, especially with the cool sea mists. The blooming of these plants is very much weather-dependent and so unpredicatable.


Please note that bookings must be made directly to Namaqua Tours.

A competitive package price has been negotiated, subject to a minimum tour party size of 10, and a maximum of 40. Vehicles will match the tour size.

Day 1

a) Tour leaves Cape Town. b) Travel up West Coast via Langebaan visiting all the small towns where visitors may see Namaqualand Daisies in flower. c) Ending in Vanrhynsdorp.

Day 2

a) Visit the Knersvlake looking at all the indigenous flowers of the area. b) Lunch (visitor’s cost). c) Visit Nieuwoudtville Nature Reserve. d) Returning to Vanrhynsdorp.

Day 3

a) Return to Cape Town via the Olifants River.

Clivia Mirabilis Habitat Excursion

Registration has now closed.

There is a post-conference guided visit to C. mirabilis habitat 300 km north of Cape Town on a private farm from 4 October, returning to Cape Town by 13:00 on 6 October 2023, and advertised separately.

Environmental sensitivity severely limits numbers. This excursion will be limited to 24 participants for environmental and privacy reasons and strictly by invitation to a private farm.

On Wednesday 4th October 2023, the group will travel the 300km to Van Rhynsdorp to the staging point. Travel is by own transport. Thursday 5th October 2023 will be devoted to guided access within the habitat and a memorable farm lunch, with everyone returning to Cape Town on the morning of Friday 6th October 2023. An accommodation package deal has been negotiated with a lodge in Vanrhynsdorp with more details to follow.Do not proceed without confirming both your invitation and the suitability of your transport.


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