Photographic Competition of the Clivia Society 2022

All members of the Clivia Society are invited to submit entries into the six categories of the Photographic competition.

The photographs you enter may be published in the Yearbook 23 of 2022 – November.

The closing dates for entries is the 9th October 2022.

Conditions for entry of images into the competition:

  1. Complete the entry form. An entry form should be included with each submission of photographs. One form is sufficient if several photographs are submitted at the same time.
  2. Submit entries by the 9th October 2022.
  3. There are six categories. The number of entries per category is limited to three.
  4. Photographs should be submitted to Clivia Society Photographic competition, If the size of the images is large use ‘WeTransfer’ – free of charge!
  5. Format of photographs: jpeg file not larger than 2Mb per photograph. The resolution to be 300 dpi. The images should be submitted without being embedded in another programme. No evidence should be present that may identify the image as belonging to a specific person.
  6. If you submit photos for entry into the Society competition you accept that your photograph may be used in Society publications with full recognition of you as photographer.
  7. The decision of the judges is final and must be accepted by all entrants.

Hints: The photographs are judged on their photographic quality. The prettiest photograph may not be the best in quality in terms of photographic assessment.

Aspects such as sharpness of the image, true colour, absence of distractions in the
photograph, composition, lighting, cropping, background choice and white balance are all important considerations for the photographer. Colour of the leaves used to consider exposure of images.

Categories for the competition – maximum of three entries per category.

  1. Any photograph of a Clivia miniata umbel.
  2. Any photograph of an umbel of any pendulous species.
  3. Any photograph of any interspecific clivia plant. Owing to the ongoing problem of
    separating some of the interspecific flowers from the miniata flowers, consider carefully into which class you wish to enter the flower image.
  4. Any photograph of any habitat plants. These must be photographed in their natural state in habitat.
  5. Any photograph of any single flower of a Clivia plant- any species. This class refers to a single flower, so you should have a single flower as the main feature.
  6. Any photograph of Clivia related subjects such as buds, berries, foliage and floral art.

Photographic competition 2022 Entry Form > (PDF, 162Kb)

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